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Popa Savu 77, Bucharest, Romania



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design thinking


We'd like to have more practitioners of design thinking in our community. We are happy to share what we know.

8-9 Nov 2018

17-18 Nov 2018

6-7 Dec 2018




2 full days


Early bird: 380 Eur

Regular: 450 Eur





It is...
...a two-day experiential introduction to Design Thinking. You will be exposed to the principles and mindsets and will work with the other participants to solve a real problem for people.


You can apply it...
...for innovation, change or transformation, and complex issues involving people
...in your work, in your life, family, community, or society.


It is for...
...brave ones. People who wonder why, the curious, those who look ambitiously into the future, those who don't settle with "this is how it's done here". Those who fight wicked problems.

...Romanian speakers. Please contact us on our contact page if you'd like this workshop in English.


You will...
...experience and learn the way of a design thinker and how it is strongly different in attitude and practice from the other ways we're used to seeing problems, change, or innovation.

...work on a real challenge and learn how to apply design principles to discover unarticulated needs, hidden possibilities, and unpredictable creative solutions.

...empathize with strangers, think collaboratively with other people, explore ambiguous and uncertain meanings, and step into a territory where "I don't know" is a superpower.

...create lots of ideas, assemble them, model them, unfold them and rebuild them.

...work with people. You will create something for them. Something that today may not yet exist.


Who else did it?

Professionals from: Orange, Vodafone, Rompetrol, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, Lagardere, BCR, OTP Bank, Unicredit, Medicover, Oracle, Societe Generale EBS, Total Soft, Endava, Adore Me, Chapter4.


How much is it and how do I pay?

Early bird fee Eur 380 applies up to three weeks before the event.

Standard fee Eur 450 for registration within three weeks before the event.

Group discount: 5% (2 participants), 6% (3 participants), 7% (4 or more).

Please enroll below and we'll contact you for payment details.

What participants say...


"I learned to listen better, to be more attentive to the people around me, the ones I love, the ones I work with. I had the most creative and inspirational Design Thinking workshop which has since reset my many directions both at work and in life. I completely reset myself. I fell in love with Design Thinking: a methodology for creative thinking based on empathy. And that's what I've been doing since then, either at work or elsewhere"


"The number of ideas, surprising, beautiful ideas :). It's the first time when I see so many ideas generated offline. The key, I think, was time compression, no debating, the quality of facilitation." 


"I felt like I was involved in a real project, not in a course exercise"


"I started to think differently about all the business issues that I encounter"


"The user interviews dismantled all my prejudices, opened my mind to a lot of perspectives"


"We practiced creativity, tolerance to ambiguity, openness, and curiosity to others."