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Popa Savu 77, Bucharest, Romania



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2 days of immersive workshop

Learn the Design Sprint process by actually being part of one, while facilitated and guided by a UX, problem solving and design geek, trained directly at Google, in San Francisco.

The sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building and launching.

About the Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a proven and acclaimed methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with users, in only 5 days. It takes principles of Design Thinking to help teams rapidly get to conclusions and, at the same time, brings a new way of working that is fast and repeatable.


The Design Sprint methodology was developed at Google from a vision to grow UX culture and the practice of design leadership across the organization.


Multiple teams within Google experimented with different methods from traditional UX, IDEO, the Stanford dSchool, business strategy, and even psychology, applying them to support divergent and convergent thinking with teams. The resulting framework and set of methods is flexible, and teams are continuing to adapt it based on different goals and organizational cultures.





2.5 days


290 Eur 

(early bird - until 6 December)

450 Eur





About the session

This session will be an immersive learning process, since you will actually be part of a team that is going to go through all the stages of the Design Sprint to solve some challenges.


Because each Design Sprint is centered on a single, clearly defined Sprint Challenge, we will need the teams to be familiar with the subject, so, we are bringing domains familiar to everybody:


  1. Education

  2. Financial life

  3. Car sharing

Also, because it’s important to build cross functional teams, in order to have a successful sprint, we’ll try to ensure the diversity of backgrounds to the teams. 

What will you learn

So, without any further ado, this is what you’ll learn:


  • Map out a challenge and choose the most important place to start

  • Identify crucial questions to be answered in a sprint

  • Sketch a solution with confidence, even if you’re not a designer or artist

  • Make smart decisions without lengthy discussion

  • Choose the right prototyping method for your product or service

  • Conduct 1:1 customer interviews to test hypotheses before you invest months of work and millions of dollars

  • Have an better overview on how you could start implementing Design Sprint methods into your product development process



This was about the technical stuff, now, on the less technical, towards the more soft side of things, you, as a person, might learn (we say might just because it’s up to you to take the most out of this and the best for you):

  • Learn how to collaborate better with people, become more open towards embracing other people’s ideas

  • Starting to learn not to fall for your ideas (yes, this sounds like a tough one, but you could take our word)

  • Starting to build creative confidence

  • Start to learn to listen more

  • Starting to embrace the idea of failing


And, we’ll let you tell us more about your personal discoveries and journey after the workshop J


P.S. It will feel intense, so come open and with the desire to leave some things behind.

About the trainer


Has an extensive experience in User Experience and Design Thinking. She’s currently leads the UX team in Bucharest in charge with creating the best experiences for the world’s famous football game, FIFA.


She co-founded the Design Thinking Society.


For 2 years, she was the person behind the experience of ING Bank’s internet banking and she also coordinated innovative digital campaigns for 3 years, making ING one of the most loved Romanian brands in social media.


Alina is also a UX trainer, mentor and advocate of design thinking approach. She is a certified Google Developer UX expert and invest effort and time in developing and supporting the tech communities.


She’s driven and curious.


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